Swimming for parents 

free spaces in 2019-2020 season!!!

The Prague Sharks International Swimming Club offers free spaces in Adult groups.

Who can join?

Anybody who loves to swim, wants to train or just improve the strokes (for example learn to swim front crawl).

We have a hobby triathletes training for an Ironman race as well as ladies who are learning their first front crawl strokes swimming with us.

Where do we swim?

At 25m Strahov Stadium swimming pool (Prague 6, Vaníčkova 100/6).

Our coaches?

Katka and Eva, swimmers and triathletes, experienced qualified swimming coaches. They are used to individualize the training according to the needs of any swimmer. They give instruction in English and Czech.

Session Times?

We swim on Wednesdays and Fridays 9-10 am.

It is possible to swim once or twice per week.


6000,- CZK for once a week, 7700,- CZK for twice a week swimming. Plus 1500,- CZK one time club joining fee (includes float, flippers, club T-shirt, bag and hat).This price is valid for the PSISC second term (10.2.2020-26.6.2020).


Please contact Eva at

or call +420 775 266 284.

We offer free trial lesson!