About us




The Prague Sharks International Swimming Club, z.s. was established in October, 2005 by parents, coaches and children interested in developing swimming skills and fully developing the individual’s natural talents.

The club coaches are English speaking from the Czech Republic. All coaches receive a Czech certification for the age or level of swimmers they coach.  Many of the club coaches are swimmers themselves who are eager to share their enthusiasm for the sport.

We are an informal club that relies on mutual respect, understanding and open communications between coaches, swimmers and parents.

Club Targets:

  • Developing a life skill that promotes healthy living!
  • Emphasis upon stroke, stamina and skills development.
  • Swimmers develop an increased awareness of the discipline and character needed for competitive swimming.
  • As swimmers reach competitive age, they will have an opportunity to participate in a Prague based gala/competition if interested.

The club welcomes all interested swimmers from age 4 to 18. The swimming club now has over 110 members with students from a variety of Prague Schools. Training sessions regularly take place at Strahov Pool, Pyramida hotel swimming pool and Via Vestra swimming pool at Roztoky u Prahy; swim group placement will determine pool location.

The swim club offers various levels of training to develop swimmers through the phases of swim growth:

  • Little Sharks Groups - beginner swimmers, 3-7 years old, learning basic skills and first strokes in shalow and warm Via Vestra swimming pool at Roztoky u Prahy (not open this term).
  • Octopus Groups – from beginners 6-7 years old just starting with swim strokes to advanced swimmers interested in once a week training session, they swim at Strahov pool.
  • Stingrays Group – 8 years old and older swimmers who demonstrate the ability to swim three strokes up to 25m and are interested in training twice a week. Stingrays swim at Strahov swimming pool.
  • Dolphins Group – 10 years old and older swimmers who can swim approximately 1500m in breaststroke, backstroke and front crawl as well as ready to learn the butterfly. This group trains twice (optionally three times) a week at Strahov pool. Swimmers in this group will be eligible to compete in galas/competitions.
  • Sharks Group – swimmers in this group must be strong in all strokes and able to develop stamina and be prepared to compete in galas/competitions. This group trains three times a week at Strahov pool.
  • Adults group - Anybody who loves to swim, wants to train or just improve the strokes (for example learn to swim front crawl). We also plan to open the group for complete beginners. This group trains once or twice a week at Strahov pool.

(more about swimming groups and free spaces)