Pools locations




Strahov swimming pool (25 m, 6 lanes)

Address: Vaníčková 2b, Prague 6

Web: www.bazenstrahov.cz

There is a bus stop "Koleje Strahov" straight outside the entrance of the Strahov pool.

More info about Prague public transport.


From Dejvice it normally takes by car 10-15 minutes, parking is ok under the stadium tribunes close to the entrance of the pool.

You need to have an club ID as a deposit for the locker (please ask club secretary Eva Chalupová).

Parents can wait inside the pool, they must change and wear T-shirt and shorts.

Hotel Pyramida swimming pool (11 x 6 m)

Address: Bělohorská 24, Prague 6

More about the pool.

Bus stop and Tram stop close to the hotel is "Malovanka" (bus 143, trams 22,25).

Paid parking is available in the hotel parking place. Parking outside is possible, but may take few minutes to find a place in surrounding streets...

Parents can wait inside the pool, you are only asked to take your shoes off and leave them outside. Waiting in the hotel lobby bar may be a better choice:-).

Via Vestra swimming pool in Roztoky u Prahy

Address: V Úvoze 1730, Roztoky u Prahy

It is 8 minutes drive from Riverside School, parking is available in front of the building.

Poolside rules:

1. All swimmers must wear a swimming cap.

2. If the parent (or parent with siblings) wish to go inside the pool she must change to sport dress (T-shirt and shorts) and shower her legs (or wear clean poolside shoes/flip-flops). We would recommend to wait in the bar…

3. Food and drinks are forbidden at the poolside.